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Sacramento County

Department of Technology


The Department of technology (Dtech) is the central information technology and communications service provider for Sacramento County employees, departments, and regional partners.

Here, you can learn about the technology positions available at the County.

Why Us?

DTech serves one of the largest Counties in California and support a wide variety of departments in completing their missions. We support Human Assistance, Health services, Building, Planning, Law Enforcement, and many more. Working for DTech is a great way to serve the community.

We have positions in application development, networking, server support, desktop support, business analysis, and geographic information systems. These professionals come together to support hundreds of business systems running on the latest technology.​

Below you will find details on these positions where you can learn where your skill set best fits and which job classes you would like to apply.​

"DTech​ serves one of the largest Counties in California..."​

Current Recruitments



More About The Application Process

Our Purpose, Values, Vision, & Mission


​To improve quality of life through collaboration, innovation and technology


Customer Satisfaction, Commitment, Integrity, Continuous Improvement and Innovation, Collaboration, Accountability


Preferred technology partner providing premier customer experiences and innovative solutions


​Fulfilling our customer’s vision through effective use of technology​